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LGBT Center Considers Restaurant Space, Perhaps on the Roof

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While Mission man Gus Murad battles to keep his rooftop space at Medjool, the LGBT Center is reportedly enlisting his help in opening up a rooftop space of their own. According to the Bay Area Reporter, the nonprofit community center has a land use attorney on hand to explore the possibility — one inspired by nonprofit restaurant Delancey Street and encouraged by the local supe. It seems there haven't been any handshakes or signatures yet, but Gus has a "unique idea" about how to structure an eatery setup with the center, using an LGBT workforce and doing some kind of revenue and profit-sharing. He's actually among up to five parties who are interested in doing something with the center, which is considering opening a space on the first floor, or the fourth, or both. The impetus from this all comes from the nonprofit's cash-flow issues — renting out the space to other parties doesn't quite cover costs as previously imagined, so they're being a little more "creative."
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San Francisco LGBT Community Center

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