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A Few Words On Nove

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First-time commenter killbotkondo has some insights to share on Nove, the nine luxury condos on Guerrero that will be hatching soon: "Handel's dad owned this parcel for a long time. He was an architect also and always planned on doing something but unfortch passed before he could. His son got the plot and being an architect as well, designed what you have here. Great architecture ? Meh. Quality of materials and overall design ? First rate. And whom, you ask can afford this ? I'm working with 4 clients right now that are in searching in this price range that make good salaries but the clincher is the rising value of their stock options from Apple and Google. They HAVE to buy or there gonna get killed next year at tax time." Don't like luxury condos? Blame the Google-Apple-industrial complex. [Nove, Nine Handel-Designed Luxury Condos Between Noe and the Mish]


151 Ames Street, San Francisco, CA