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Russian Hill Cottages Would Return to Former Glory, on Steroids

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The Examiner has word today on a Russian Hill project involving the restoration of four century-old cottages at 1338 Filbert. Everyone likes juicing up old buildings, right? Turns out the developers behind this project might be getting a little too ambitious for the comfort of the Historic Preservation Commission. The plans call not only for the renovation of the two-story structures so that they'd become habitable again, they scoop out an eight-car garage underneath them all, and build a three-story addition behind the four cottages — thus taking the cumulative square footage of the place from 5,590 to 11,486 square feet. Three of the four cottages would also become taller by six to 12 inches, presumably because of the garage underneath. However, the "historic landscaping and grape-stake fence," based on old photographs, will return to the site, so maybe it'll all balance out in the end.
· Plans to revive historic homes up for vetting [SF Examiner]