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Nove, Nine Handel-Designed Luxury Condos Between Noe and the Mish

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Earlier this month, Inside SF RE teased us with the imminent arrival of Nove, the collective name for nine luxury (and LEED-certified!) condos on the border of Noe Valley and the Mission. Latest we hear, the units are just about at the finish line— which would explain the properties getting pre-shopped on Craigslist. According to the new website, the condos were designed by Handel Architects, who we might remember as the people behind the Millennium Tower and BL?. The nine condos are split equally amongst three lots, each of which gets two condos and one townhouse. Eight of the condos are 3-beds, while one is a 4-bedroom. While Inside SF RE put in a preliminary range of $1.2M to $1.5M for the 3-beds earlier this month, it looks like they may be starting out at $1.1M, judging by the Craigslist ad.
· Nove [Website, via Craigslist]
· Preview: Nove’s Noe/Mission Luxury Condos [Inside SF RE]


151 Ames Street, San Francisco, CA