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U.N. Global Compact HQ in Hunters Point Is Going Adaptive Reuse

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The SF Examiner reports that starry-eyed plans for the U.N. Global Compact headquarters in Hunters Point have received a kickstart — and they apparently involve a switchup from the concept presented by Gavin last summer to the adaptive reuse project seen above. The Global Compact headquarters is envisioned to be the anchor of a new green-tech/clean-tech hub in Hunters Point, kind of the way Mission Bay has become a hub for medical/pharmaceutical pursuits. All the more appropriate, then, that the headquarters should involve reusing a Navy building, rather than building a brand new one. According to Gavin's right-hand man on such things, "We'd like to see construction of the building start in a year or so. We're looking at whether we can phase construction to start with the first floor, which could make it available sooner." The $35 million project has so far scored $7.5 mil from a federal grant to get going.
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