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The TL's Original Joe's Gets Money for Fixup, Museum Gets Rolling

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Two things for the Tenderloin, or shall we say Uptown Tenderloin: 1) a $50k shot in the arm toward the reopening of Original Joe's, the "landmark institution" that's been shuttered since a 2007 fire, and 2) a $20k shot in the arm for the Uptown Tenderloin museum that's been kicked about for some time now. According to BeyondChron, big TL boosters that they are, the money for the museum would pay for painting and glass display cases for whetting our appetites for the area's "rich history": "untold stories" from Miles Davis to Creedence Clearwater Revival, and the Southeast Asian immigration wave of the 70s. According to a survey on the proposed museum — assuming this wasn't the survey running on BeyondChron itself? — around 50 to 60 percent of respondents were either somewhat or very likely to check it out. Rosy! For all its interesting musical and architectural history, though, it is noted that "certain topics may present a marketing challenge," i.e. "SRO dwelling/lifestyles."
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