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Dolores Park Might Not Close Completely, Parking Planters in NoPa

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NOPA: For a fraction of the cost of a real, concrete bulbout, a number of city departments have banded together to create what's basically a permanent PARK(ing) Day space in front of the Mojo Bicycle Cafe at Grove and Divis. The design is by RG Architects, and features bamboo planters on top of a wooden platform. [Streetsblog]

MISSION DOLORES: Phasing the renovation of Dolores Park is still on the table for the city. Which should be enough for the members of the Facebook group "Don't close ALL of Dolores Park for the whole time!!!" to postpone the collective freakout by a couple more weeks. Says the group's founder: "Not being able to use Dolores Park for so long just seems so punitive." Punishment makes the heart grow fonder... isn't that what they say? [SFGate]

PRESIDIO: Before a full-blown lodge ever appears in the federal park, it's possible a renovated Pershing Hall might reopen as a cutesy wootsy bed and breakfast. That scores brownie points with the Presidio Historical Association, obviously, since it brings back an old structure. Also, the Presidio Trust's looking at bringing in British artist Andy goldsworthy for a sequel to his cypress "Spire." The next installation, "Wood Line," would make a snaky flow of eucalyptus branches along Lovers' Lane. [SFGate]

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