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Renovated 'French Renaissance' Apartments in Pacific Heights

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The four-story apartment building at 2411 Webster, say a few new listings, is the work of James Francis Dunn, a big fan of the "French Renaissance" style that adorns his buildings from Cow Hollow to the Tenderloin. This one, recently renovated, is square in the middle of Pac Heights, and currently has three units up on Craigslist. A top-floor 2-bedroom rents for $3,375, another 2-bed's going for $3,380, and a 1-bedroom's renting for $2,275. The building's got laundry, wrought-iron balconies, a marble grand entryway, and an antique elevator. Class!

Update: A 2005 Chron feature on Dunn notes that this particular building has a "Dr. Seuss-like long-snouted fish decorating the entry." That means you should be running, not walking, to the open house.

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