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North Beach's Plan to Turn Columbus Street Parking Into Sidewalk

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The latest round in rolling back car space in service of San Francisco's "transit-first" policy: front-page Chron today has a story on a North Beach plan to convert street parking on Columbus into extra sidewalk space "over time," making room for outdoor cafe seating, more walking space, what have you. The idea has received a mixed response, but certainly a positive one from merchants who participated in a one-day trial back in September — business was up 30 percent for Caffe Roma, according to its owner. The project would be a simple piecemeal one: allow business owners to apply for permits to convert the spaces into sidewalk use. The net result, if lots of businesses sign on board, being a parking lane that ends up going gentle into the good night.
· Cafes get more sidewalk under North Beach plan [SFGate]