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Take a Photo Tour of Foreclosureville, USA

via Telstar Logistics

Modesto, California - the city of "Water, Wealth, Contentment and Health" has experienced very little of any of those things lately. Aside from finishing one step up from last place in a well-being study, the city posted the nation's third-highest foreclosure rate during the third quarter of 2010, bested only by Las Vegas and Fort Meyers, Florida. To document this "real estate, relocation and ruin" the brave folks behind Telstar Logistics (still the only logistics company worth following on twitter) traveled 90 miles east to the city where 1 in 36 homes is in foreclosure. The scenes are weirdly serene: muddy backyard pools and empty lots in subdivisions that might never exist. Meanwhile, in other parts of town, development continues and newly completed homes are listed at $230,000 and up for 1600 square feet.
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