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Conversion Interruptus in Oakland Warehouse Loft

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We're not sure what happened in the middle of this Jack London Square warehouse conversion: The location and funky red entryway (cool posters!) let everyone know this is where you get all of your best graphic design work done, but the unfinished interior just screams "this is where I take all my murder victims" and also: "I value nice kitchen appliances." We know some folks like the acid-stained concrete floor look or the exposed ductwork - and indeed, one would have to, because there's a whole 1,590 square feet of it in what is only technically a 1-bed, 1-bath condo.

With a list price of $429,000, the second-floor unit makes it in to the Under 500k Club, which also means all that space on the killing floor open floorplan is reasonably cheap at just $270 per square foot. But overall, this feels more like the developer in charge of converting the former Safeway Corporate headquarters just ripped up the carpet, removed a drop-ceiling and called it a day. (They were kind enough to leave the employee-grade soap dispenser in the bathroom, however.)

Despite the sparse interior, reasonable HOA dues of $485 get you convenient amenities like a gym where you can keep yourself tip-top creeping shape, and an elevator to ferry you down to your below-building parking space. Which is nice, because how else are you going to get the bodies to your trunk?
·201 4th St #206 [Redfin]

201 4th Street, Oakland, California