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Lower Haight: It's Never Too Soon to Argue About Parking

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Plans are afoot to transform the intersection of Haight and Fillmore Streets with the usual suspects, those darlings of pedestrian advocates: bulbouts and parklets. Plus something called an "ergonomic crosswalk" following the way people actually cross the street (it seems we cross in a curve.) And although there's a lively collection of cafes and restaurants in the southwest quadrant of the intersection, the rest of it's pretty bleak. As per our friends at Haighteration:

"D5 R+D, a group of planning professionals and neighborhood folks, has been working on a concept called WalkStops- enhancements that will make Haight and Fillmore more pedestrian friendly, safer, and more attractive, and will link the intersection to other neighborhoods throughout the city."The cool thing about bulb-outs is not just more room on crowded sidewalks, but pedestrians also get across the street faster, with less chance of getting mowed down by bikes and cars. And that intersection seems to be full of the halt, the lame, the quasi-sober, and the speeding. This neighborhood, once called Haight-Fillmore, is so bike-friendly we think there will be less carping about the loss of parking spaces. It's a city, people, not the planet's biggest Victorian strip mall. Show up tonight at 6:30pm, 600 Haight Street, and join the discussion.
· Redesign Coming to Intersection of Haight and Fillmore [Haighteration]
· Photo Credit: The Mojo parklet on Divisidero, jeremyashaw via Flickr/Haighteration