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Exodus from the Francesca

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What is going on at the Francesca that everyone wants out? New neighbors cooking fragrant ethnic food? Baby screaming incessantly at top volume? Exorbitant HOA fees? Last week we took a look at unit #301, and now we have another listing. This 1-bed, 1-bath condo clocks in a few bucks and a floor below at $728,000. The same open beam ceilings are there to make you dizzy, and at $1,028 per month the HOA dues are dizzying as well. We kind of dig the homey kitchen, though we would suggest something snazzier for the cabinet pulls, and we love love love the dining room built-in. What do you think, dear readers? Are the sounds of the cable car finally getting to these well-heeled residents? When will the exodus end?
· Fancy Has a Name [Curbed SF]
· 850 Powell St. #201 [Redfin]

The Francesca

850 Powell, San Francisco, CA

The Francesca

850 Powell Street, San Francisco, California