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Mission Perma-Parkers Peeve Business Owners

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Brace yourselves, for this might come as a surprise to anyone who thought San Franciscans enjoyed owning junky recreational vehicles and vintage school buses, but some people in San Francisco occasionally live in such vehicles. Mission Local discovered this in yesterday's report on the permanently-parked homes on wheels that have been plaguing an area around Folsom Street between 14th St and 18th st. Although business owners in the neighborhood are quick to point out that the long-term parkers are "respectful for the most part," they do seem a peeved to be losing spaces that would otherwise go to their customers. The only parking restriction is once-a-week street cleaning, which one Tour bus resident explained was more relaxed than the recently re-zoned parking in Dogpatch, but neighbors are calling for more consistent enforcement of a law that prevents a vehicle from occupying a space for more than three days.
· People Living in Cars Upset Businesses [MissionLocal]
· Photo credit: Martin Taylor [Flickr]