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Recession? What Recession?

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Less than a month ago, dear readers, we drew your attention to a luxury flat in Nob Hill with a wild asking price and even wilder HOA fees of $4,770 per month. Listed at $3,500,000, you had your doubts whether it could ever sell. Ten days after it went up, there was an offer, and now the sale is officially closed. And for asking price, no less. We're here to ponder the important questions with you, like, What does this mean for the state of real estate in San Francisco? And, for the love of all that is holy, will the new owners get rid of some of that marble?
· 1001 California St #7 [Redfin]
· Beaux Arts Penthouse Marred by Ridiculous Fees [Curbed SF]

1001 California Street, San Francisco, California