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Our Most Hideous of 2010

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715 Commercial:
715 Commercial's exterior brickwork looks promising (if maybe in need of a powerwash), but the interior didn't really have much going for it other than a staircase leading to the rooftop with some nice views of the Financial District and the Transamerica Pyramid. Commenters guessed it would take about $500 large to strip down the 4-bed, 1-bath down to the bones and start over, but apparently that didn't stop one ambitious fellow who is probably arming himself with truckloads of elbow grease now that the seller has accepted an offer (contingent on the buyer's approval, of course).

24th and Shotwell:
Besides being more than a little bit incomplete, this Mission loft seemed to have some lot of potential - for domestic accidents, that is. The owner was hoping to rent the 2-bed, 2-bath unit for a cool $2,950 when it landed in our inbox back in May. That rent, as far as we know, didn't include any sort of health insurance or installation of safety railings, so if you're one of the commenters who kindly offered to call the building inspector: please, do let us know how that went?

980 Cayuga:
At first, we wondered why the listing agent responsible for this mess of barf-worthy carpet didn't take any photos to showcase any of 980 Cayuga's three bathrooms. And then we realized it was probably because all of the toilets had overflowed on to said carpet. It still managed to find a buyer in November at $15,000 below the list price, which means they have just over 11 bucks per square foot to spend carpeting the place.

1985 Tunnel Road:
At just under $600,000 how could you not want to own a giant, water-damaged saxophone? It seems ripe for renovations that will make it look even more like a steamboat casino. Just add cocktail waitresses in prohibition-era hooker-chic and you've got Oakland's hottest new speakeasy.

537 Congo:
A lot of people seemed offended that the owner had the gall to ask for $400,000 for two uninhabitable bedrooms, but we like to think of it as an art piece, or an ever-evolving sculpture garden. Things will get really interesting when it finally falls to the ground like it's neighbor at 149 Mangels.

Honorable Mentions:
1675 48th Avenue:
Still no buyer for the mystery house, but you probably have to sell a lot of Meth before you can raise the $429,000 you need to buy a new lab space.

60 Bret Harte Terrace:
It just sold a week ago, probably to owners who couldn't get enough of Tron in 3D.

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