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Most Brutal PriceChopper of 2010

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It's time to make up a bunch of awards and hang them out to the most deserving people, places and things in the real estate, architecture, and neighborhood universes of San Francisco.

Real Estate agents around the Bay Area must have seen their economic recovery dreams dashed to pieces as listing after listing received the PriceChopper treatment this year, and plenty of them got the axe more than once before the year was out.

Before we dole out the winners, an honorable mention goes out to the former home of the Albion Ale & Porter Brewery, which lost a whopping 40% off it's late-2009 list price to end up just below $1.8 million. We'd love to give this former brew castle the crown for the most brutal chop now that it is more or less in the bargain basement, but sadly that basement is full of water that springs forth from the Bayview.

More practical, is this Cow Hollow 4-bed 3.5-bath pad that took a couple chops to land at an attainable $2,299,000 - more than $900,000 off the freshly-built price and a chop of 28% if you don't feel like doing the math. With plenty of room in the 3,400 square feet to grow in to and outdoor space to spare between the back patio and the second-floor deck, this place seems like a decent investment. Maybe the gambling types are all holding out for yet another chop in 2011.
Correction: at the time of the original post, the listing provided us with the information AS posted. Unfortunately this is an example of agent manipulation of the MLS. The house is now listed separately as a SFR. All three units were originally priced together at $3.2M. It's actually a PriceUpper of $257K.
·1750 A Filbert [Redfin]
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1750 A Filbert St, San Francisco, California