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Own Four of the Lowest-Rent Apartments in SF for Only $750,000

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If you fancy yourself a slumlord, now would be a good time to enter the market with so many foreclosed homes just begging to be glossed over with a coat of paint and some superficial renovations - like this 4-unit, 3,790 square foot disaster in Bernal Heights, for example. Coming in just under three-quarters of a million bucks at $749,000, the four units usually rent for anywhere from $800 for a 1-bed, 1-bath to $1,800 for a 3-bed, 1-bath. The two other 2-bed units worked out to something like $525 per bedroom in rent and normally we'd feel bad that the previous tenants no longer have such cheap rent, but in this case anything is probably an upgrade.

Built in 1907, this place narrowly avoided an early destruction by earthquake, which most certainly would have happened because that unfinished basement doesn't exactly look up to spec. Highlights from renovations in the individual units also include: A sink you can reach without having to get up from the toilet and a closet door with a padlock latch that shows signs of having once been used to imprison someone. The overgrown backyard with its high cement walls is also inescapable, but at least one unit gets a back deck overlooking the whole mess. No qualms from the listing agent about the building's construction through: A couple chunks of plaster have been conveniently removed should potential buyers wish to inspect the interior construction and some of the "tilework" was pulled out so you can make sure the plumbing for the bathtub isn't completely rusted. The fire extinguisher in the hallway will come in handy when the bare, built-in electric heating unit inevitably burns the place down.
· 3976 Mission St [Redfin]

3976 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA