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"Bring Your Tools," Says the Agent

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Was: $562,900
Then: $548,800
You Save: $14,100

We are such suckers for sh*tshacks in the Sunset. Thank goodness there are so many of them. This one is a 2-bed, 1-bath serious fixer-upper just a few blocks from the Ocean. To be honest, there's some cosmetic work to be done, but the structure looks sturdy and even our hands, accustomed to the rigors of typing and holding martini glasses steady, could probably figure out how to refinish the wood floors and put those cabinet doors back on. If it really is 1,988 square feet then this is well priced for the neighborhood, but we would guess a lot of that is an unfinished (or nearly so) basement. Paying $548,800 for a 2-bedroom in this condition seems a little crazy, but so is the fact that some sellers cannot seem to round to the nearest thousand dollars. It has come down from $562,900 over the past month, so maybe there is a deal to be had here. What do you think, dear readers? Can this turd be polished?
· 1775 47th Ave [Redfin]

1775 47th Avenue, San Francisco, California