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Inner Sunset, Heat Included

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You know what we think you really need for all this dreary, rainy weather? An apartment where you can get the radiator going full blast and not have to suffer the consequences. For $1,595 per month, you can cozy up in this one-bedroom apartment in the Inner Sunset with heat included as one of its many fabulous aspects. True, we can't quite figure out the floor plan from the listing but they are all gleaming with hardwood and dressed in French doors. It's also right on Golden Gate Park and two blocks from the N-Judah, which can take you downtown in 30 minutes, on a good Muni day. And if you're not into Muni, garage parking is included, which means your car can stay relatively toasty as well.
· 1200 17th Ave. [Hanford Freund & Co]