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$400k For Two Uninhabitable Bedrooms and a Garden

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We're not exactly sure what the listing agent on this one is trying to pull here. On the one hand, he's pretty upfront about the fact that you probably won't be able to live in the place, saying the "structure appears to be uninhabitable and may or not be salvageable." On the other hand, he must have a lot of faith in the allure of a Glen Park zipcode given the $400k price tag on this pile of rotting wood and kudzu. At that price, this 2-bed 1-bath, 768 square foot home comes to $521 per square foot - slightly higher than the median price for actual, habitable structures in Sunnyside and down $100k from the original list price.

We imagine the inside isn't even worth looking at since said listing agent declined to take any photos of it. "Garden" is listed as a feature, but from the looks of things on Google streetview the green space at 537 Congo is (appropriately enough) a freakin' jungle. Oh and there's a garage as well, but it's detached from the house. Kind of like how the rest of this thing is entirely detached from reality.
· 537 Congo [Redfin]

537 Congo St, San Francisco, California