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Pigs Fly in Sea Cliff

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Was: $669,000
Then: $649,000
Then: $625,000
Now: $599,000
You Save: $70,000

This is either the deal of the century, or a really sad sign of the economy. Today we stumbled upon this $599,000 2-bed, 1-bath condo in swanky Sea Cliff. That's right, for the price of a condo in more modest neighborhoods, you could be on the neighborhood watch with fancy celebrities. And this condo is no slouch either. Sure, the kitchen could use an update and it's not on the top floor, but the bathroom looks swell and there are adorable details like the brick fireplace and dining room built-in buffet. HOA is $280, covers a great shared backyard garden with a grill and heat lamp.
· 6947 California St. [Redfin]

6947 California Street, San Francisco, California