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Anti-Antenna Movement Emerges Victorious

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Back in September we told you about San Francisco wanting to install a broadband antenna that would help our city get up to speed with fast handheld internet access. Everything was going smoothly and then BOOM, Bernal Heights NIMBYs started circulating emails around about how in the event of an earthquake, the potential antenna could "accidentally zap residents with concentrated radio waves." They wanted an environmental impact report.

Shoot forward to present day and the proposed antenna isn't going to happen. The Board of Supes voted unanimously this week to repeal the conditional use permit given in July to Clearwire. The reason? They voted against the conditional use permit because the American Tower Corporation failed to meet the standards of a permit granted last year. "Neighbors alleged- and the supes agreed - that American Tower had failed to meet the maintenance requirements laid out in the 2009 T-mobile conditional use permit." Things like landscaping, keeping it graffiti-free, etc. Congrats, anti antenna movement. Now our cellphones will continue to not work.
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