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Mid-Century Modern: Mad Men Watching Prices Plummet

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We're glad to see some bargain-hunters are getting in on the deals to be had, although the sellers of these properties are probably not going to be cheering alongside. Unless they're relieved to get out from under two of our fave mid-century houses. One is an extraordinary object- as much a sculpture as a dwelling- Warren Callister's Duncan House in Clarendon Heights. The other is the Ratcliff-designed house in El Cerrito Hills, a Mad Men moment complete with indoor pool and huge views of the Bay: Bay Area Home Girl tells us the house started at $1,900,000 in July of 2009; we caught it mid-fall during a price hiccup; now Redfin reports it's gone "pending" this week for a mere $995,000.

Warren Callister's Duncan House is another story. While we can see a hip couple fill the El Cerrito house with furniture from Design Within Reach and a few kids, the Duncan House is a tough choice. It's a profoundly unconventional masterpiece that needs some help. Think woodworkers rather than mere carpenters- Callister had a crew working under a tent for two years putting it together- and a buyer has to be committed to putting it right. No pun intended. We're surprised it sold for as much as it did, closing escrow yesterday after two-and-a-half months on the market for $1,925,000, or $355,000 less than it's original asking price of $2,280,000. Check in here for a gallery of more Duncan House images.
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