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Sic Transit Omnia: TransBay Terminal, Meet "Big Red"

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We find all sorts of stuff in our email inbox. Like anyone else. A quick scan this morning, and this jumped out and grabbed us by the neck- Media Advisory: Wrecking Ball to Drop on Main Portion of Transbay Terminal Building. Never having been invited to a demolition before, we read on:

Watch as Demolition Crews Make Way for Transbay Transit Center by Removing Old Terminal at First and Mission Streets WHAT: Join us to witness the historic first wrecking ball drop on the front facade of the Transbay Terminal, marking the projects progress as it works towards the demolition of the old bus ramps and Terminal building in order to make way for the new Transbay Transit Center. WHO: Members of the Transbay Joint Powers Authority; demolition contractor Evans Brothers, Inc.; Construction Manager Turner Construction and the wrecking ball known as “Big Red.” WHEN: Friday, December 3, 2010 8:00 AM SHARPWe'd go, except we doubt anyone's going to throw themselves in the path of "Big Red." No hard hats required for our little memorial gallery, above.
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