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Curbed Cup 1st Round Results! Huge Upset for the Tenderloin, Castro

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The first rounds of the Curbed Cup has left us exhausted, so today we're taking a breather. But here's a review of the action so far, and a preview of next week's matchups in the neighborhood of the year showdown. The closest battle was between South Beach and North Beach, with a 53.1% to 46.9% vote. The biggest slaughterfest was between Hayes Valley and the Castro, with a 83.3% to 16.7% vote. Not far behind was the Tenderloin and the Lower Haight battle, which got the most attention. The Lower Haight destroyed the Tenderloin with a 80.3% to 19.7% vote. Congrats to the victors, and get ready for the next round of Curbed Cup competition, kicking off Monday.
· Curbed Cup 2010 [Curbed]