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Segways To Roam Like Buffalo in Golden Gate Park

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Electric Tour Co., a tour guide company that uses Segways to show tourists around San Francisco and Sausalito, might encounter a speed bump on its quest to score a lease to set up shop behind Golden Gate Park's Music Concourse band shell and offer tours of the park. Some local residents- including Ray Holland, president of the Planning Association for the Richmond- recently went on a test run in anticipation of the Rec and Park Commission voting on a lease agreement today. The main issue? Why are Segways, which are motorized scooters that typically travel at about 6 mph, allowed to go where bicycles cannot. "Personally, it was a ball," said Holland. "But about half the trails we took were posted as off limits to bicyclers. Being a bike rider, I think they'd be the same, but they're not." He plans to bring up the issue today at the commission's meeting. Park officials say that safety's always first, and since Segway tours are led by a guide, they pose less of a threat than singular bicyclists. Segway riders who'd like to take the tour must first take a 30-minute class and wear a helmet. If approved, the Rec and Park Department is expected to rack in about $79,000 in the first year and $115,200 by the fifth.
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