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Berkeley or Oakland: Former MetHome Playmate of the Year

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It's in that part of California where both Google Maps and the Post Office agree you're in Berkeley put as far as the rest of the planet is concerned, you're in Oakland: a 4-bedroom, 3.5-bath house, built in 2007 and new to the market at $1,595,000. It was also the late, lamented Metropolitan Home Magazine's 2009 House of the Year, and the difference between MetHome's soft-edged, atmospheric and staged images and the realtor's listing snapshots is jarring. We don't have access to MetHome's images, although there are some in the agent's slideshow. We've put a few professional shots from the architects, Cantilever Design, in the gallery above, and there's more interesting detail there. The house still has the same furniture as shown in the magazine, and they've shopped well: easy-listening classics like that Mies van der Rohe lounge, rounded out with a Le Corbusier LC6 table, Philippe Starck Ghost chairs and an Eames lounge . Plus a splendid reproduction Mariano Fortuny standing lamp, although they should have bought the black version. As for the kitchen, someone just said no to common garden-variety speckled granite and went for something a little more baroque.
· Norfolk Residence [Cantilever Design]
· 6948 Norfolk Road [Bebe McRae/Grubb Company]
· 6948 Norfolk Road, Berkeley [Redfin]