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SF Film Office Would Like Film Crews to Enjoy Our City Cheaply

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We're not big fans of movies and TV that use Vancouver as a stand-in for our noble skyline, so the city's "Scene in San Francisco" initiative is a winner in our eyes. The program offers refunds of payroll taxes and city fees for film and TV production companies and according to NBC Bay Area it's working: the San Francisco Film Office has seen 76 more film permits and 178 more shooting days than last year. Yesterday, to sweet the pot for film crews, the program added a members-only deal program that gives cameramen, gaffers, wranglers and other crew members discounts at participating vendors around the city. Right now, that only includes the Wax Museum, the Fairmont Hotel and Fior D'Italia but the city hopes to add more vendors in the near future, so start hanging out at those places if you want to work your way into a shot-in-San Francisco pilot episode.
· Lights, Camera, Discount! For Filming in the City [NBCBayArea]