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Telegraph Hill: No Arguing Over Parking, $2,550,000

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A friend once commented about a woman we knew, saying she'd had so many facelifts he couldn't remember what she once looked like. Houses are like that, too. And while this house only dates to the late 80's instead of the early 40's, any character it might have once had seems to have excised. There's something to be said for uniformity and a muted palette, but has this 3-bedroom, 2.5 bath been grey-beiged into submission? Of course, there's the site- almost the last house on lovely little Alta Street, it has no neighbors to the north and south, and you may not notice what you're living in when you look out the windows. Plus Telegraph Hill is already covered with bland little houses, so maybe this one is just going with the flow. Love the laundry room and bathroom that have balconies to call their own. Decent outdoor space, ready to move into, and includes a two-car side-by-side garage in a neighborhood perennially starved for parking- is $2,550,000 a fair price?
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