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Cozy Cottage Living in Lower Pac Heights

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We stumbled upon this little gem this weekend and couldn't believe it hadn't yet graced the pages of Curbed SF. We found this 2-bed, 1-bath condo in Lower Pac Heights to be absolutely charming, and for $549,000, it's one of the lowest priced 2-beds in the area. The area is really fantastic -- close enough to shops on Divisadero or Sacramento, and on an "enchanting tree lined street." Now the layout is rather interesting - we actually love the multiple levels in the living room and kitchen -- but it does look to be small. When you need to spread out, you have a big backyard for gardening and hanging out. Yes, we know, you're downstairs. And there will always be too many cooks in the tiny (but updated) kitchen. But something about this little cottage has us curating a shabby chic interior and going out to buy Crocs for the back garden. What do you think, dear readers? Charming gem or cramped dud?
· 1613 1/2 Baker Street [Redfin]

1613 Baker Street, San Francisco, California