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Ask Curbed SF: If These Walls Could Talk

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Photo Credit: Quique Moran via Panoramio

You asked Curbed SF:

Hello Curbed! I have been wondering for the longest time about the magnificent old Church on Howard and 10th Streets that’s been fenced and boarded up for at least a decade. I live nearby, and have pined over how gorgeous it must be inside, and why the heck hasn’t some developer bought it and turned it into fab condos? Any light you can shed? Thanks!That splendid but neglected little church is St. Joseph's, a mash-up of Italian Gothic and Romanesque with a little Baroque thrown in at the top of the bell towers, and it's been unused since Loma Prieta, when it was, like so many masonry buildings, deemed "seismically incorrect." So it probably won't be fab condos anytime soon. Plus it's San Francisco Landmark No.120 and a long-time presider, sphinx-like, over shenanigans at the Folsom Street Fair. Designed by James F. Foley and built around 1912 for a parish of Italian immigrants in the neighborhood. Who knew? Just when you thought they were all in North Beach or the Castro they turn up in SOMA. At least according to the venerable San Francisco Architecture. And here we at Curbed SF have a question- Is anyone planning to update this classic tome? It was last revised in 1992.
· Landmark No. 120, St. Joseph's Church [NoeHill]