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Wine Cellar and Views in Presidio Heights

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We have quite a few favorite things about this 3-bed, 2-bath top floor condo in Presidio Heights. First, we're totally into the open kitchen layout and the built in bookshelves down the main hallway. It's an awful lot of black and white, but with the right interior decorator, we think it could really shine. Second, we love the idea of having a wine cellar and a wet bar in the same condo. Deeded storage doesn't hurt either. It also comes with mildly acceptable HOA dues at $470 per month. On the not so favorite end, we're curious as to how the agent dare call this a 3-bed, as the floor plans clearly label the room a "den" and it doesn't have any walls. At $959 per square foot, it's well above the average for even this well-heeled neighborhood. At $1,995,000, we think we can expect a chop.
· 3328 Washington St. [Redfin]

3328 Washington Street, San Francisco, California