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Timberrrrrr! in Pacific Heights

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Was: $1,450,000
Then: $1,395,000
Now: $1,320,000
You Save: $130,000

When we brought this Pacific Height flat your attention last month, dear readers, you all called for an extra chop. Well Santa has come early and shaved another $75,000 off the asking price for this 3-bed, 2-bath top-floor condo. We're still into the common spaces and nice kitchen and bathrooms but have an added curiosity about HOA fees of $561 per month, which are inexplicably higher than they were during the last post. At $832 per square foot it's still above the neighborhood average, so we think more chops could be under the Christmas tree.
· 1762 Jackson [Redfin]
· Quick Chop for Pacific Heights Flat [Curbed SF]

1762 Jackson Street, San Francisco, California