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Bernal Heights Cedes La Lengua

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credit: Bernalwood/Todd Lappin
Delightful new Bernal Heights blog Bernalwood isn't wasting any time establishing itself as an authority on the southern end of town. Case in point: yesterday they posted A Proclamation for the Vassals of La Lengua in which they granted autonomy to the disputed territory that falls between The Mission, Noe Valley and their own territory of Bernal Heights. The dispute wasn't so much about which neighborhood would get to claim the area bordered by 24th, 30th, Mission and Guerrero streets (because no one seems to want it, really), but rather - what to call it. So, Bernalwood pulled rank and claimed authority in the matter by virtue of having the greatest altitude and allowed locals in the area to take their neighborhood, granting rights to the name "La Lengua" as well. While we're sure this is a proud day for La Lenguans, it also proves that San Franciscans will always reject developer-branded neighborhood contractions like "SoCha".
· A Proclamation for the Vassals of La Lengua: You Can Have It [Bernalwood]