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Major Reduction for Royal Towers One Bedroom

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Back in March #205 in the Royal Towers had a price tag of $4,500,000. After being on the market for 146 days it was taken off. Now it's back and with a brand new and ridiculous reduced price of $2,900,000. Let's get the "what's going on here?" out of the way: this is a 1-bedroom apartment. Yes, it's luxurious and beautiful and no surface isn't covered with the best and most beautiful finishes you could ever source. But it's still a 1-bed, 1.5-bath apartment for $2,900,000. And it's in a co-op apartment no less, so just because you have the bank balance to purchase it doesn't necessarily mean you've got an in. Board approval, folks. The unit is 2,849 square feet and has mind-blowing details like a hexagonal onyx foyer, Jaipur arches, black and gilded Chinese screens, and mahogany Empire bookcases. We should also mention that famed wealthy woman and interior designer Ann Getty is responsible for the decor. The vomit-inducing monthly HOA dues are $4,312.91, and they cover things like the club room and gym.
· 1750 Taylor #205 [Redfin]

The Royal Towers

1750 taylor street, san francisco, CA

The Royal Towers

1750 Taylor Street, San Francisco, CA