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Forest Hill: Modernism Sells Fast For 23K Less

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That delicious modernist house in Forest Hill- the house which can't decide if it was fathered by architects Henry Hill or John Ekin Dinwiddie, whether it has two bedrooms or three, or built in the late 1930's or in 1956- closed escrow last Friday for $1,275,000, a shave of $23,000 off the asking price. To its credit, the house went "pending" after just three weeks on the market. At first sight, we were surprised to find that Property Shark (and the realtor) dated it to 1956, plus it didn't look over-the-top enough to be by Hill. Commenters on the original post valiantly weighed in with a date of 1938 and an attribution to Dinwiddie. Perhaps Hill did some work at a later date? Whatever the case, we can all agree it was owned by the parents of Lucile Packard. Yes, that Lucile. She married David Packard in 1938, so she probably lived in the house only briefly, if at all. Anyway, it's a win for the buyers. The sellers, who paid $1,189,000 for the house in mid-2004, also upgraded the systems and put in a swell (if somewhat suburban) kitchen that we can confirm does indeed have two dishwashers.
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