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Which Tenderloin TIC is the Better Deal?

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Two TICs in the Tenderloin. Both are $399,000. Each building was built within a few years of each other. But which is the better deal? Dear readers, please let us know in the comments. Basic stats: 630 Leavenworth #1 is a 2-bed, 2-bath first floor unit in what could arguably be the Tendernob. It has monthly HOA dues of $557.30. 735 Geary #401 is a 1-bed, 1-bath, 822 square foot unit on what some could argue is the most visited strip of the Tenderloin. It has monthly HOA dues of $392.02.

630 Leavenworth #1 Pros:

Although square footage isn't listed, this unit does have more bedrooms and more bathrooms than the other. You're technically buying into a piece of San Francisco history. The Marchbank building was designed by noted Beaux Arts architect James Francis Dunn. We're seriously digging the circular dining room. The unit comes with laundry.

Cons: The circular dining room is the 2nd bedroom. So really, this is a 1-bedroom apartment with a dining room. It's also on the ground floor, which means it's extra noisy and less private. It's been on the market for 242 days, originally listed for $499,000. It's experienced quite a few chops but not a single buyer. Why is that? Leased parking fee is $250.

7355 Geary #4 Pros:

It was just totally renovated. It's got an extra large formal living room with decorative mouldings. You're on the 4th floor, which gives you a nice view of all the action on Geary street. You also have access to the shared garden in the back. The other property doesn't even have a garden.


You are in the thick of it. Whether it be druggies or clubbers, Geary Street is a always popping. It's been on and off the market for 47 days. It has one less bathroom than the other unit. Leased parking is $250.

Readers: you tell us. Which is the better deal?
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