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"Painted Gentlemen" Joining Alamo Square's Painted Ladies

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[Painted Ladies via Curbed Flickr Pool/rsmith179]

Break out the panoramic cameras, tourists, because San Francisco's Painted Ladies are getting a few younger brothers just down the hill. A remodel of the all-white, often-cropped Probert House on the corner of Steiner and Grove will remove 125 feet of the building along Steiner St. - added when the historic 1895 mansion was converted to a schoolhouse in the 1950's - and replace it with three new single-family homes.

The owner of the project believes it will double the width of postcard row by visually connecting the two blocks along the East side of Alamo Square and has excitedly dubbed the new 802, 804 and 808 Steiner as the "Painted Gentleman" - which kind of just gives us Mrs. Doubtfire flashbacks. While the Alamo Square Neighborhood Association will no doubt make sure the new homes photograph well alongside their older sisters, it's only a matter of time before someone notices a difference in the plumbing.
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