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Charming and Under $1M in Bernal Heights

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This 2-bed, 2.5-bath, 1,298 square foot single-family home is situated on a desirable strip of Mullen Avenue (tree-lined, etc) on the coveted north slope of Bernal Hill. Asking price? $899,000. Above the 2-car garage is a patio that can easily fit the entire inventory of your local DWR's outdoor furniture collection. Once inside you're welcomed by minty walls and a fantastic floor plan. The only design element that has us concerned is what appears to be the half bath. We're assuming it's a half bath because there's a toilet. But it's directly across from the uncovered laundry machines. We're seriously hoping house guests don't have to climb the stairs and enter someone's bedroom to use a proper bathroom. Otherwise, this home seems like a real win. Dear readers, what do you think?
· 226 Mullen [Redfin]

226 Mullen Avenue, San Francisco, CA