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Smörgåsbord of Tile and Stone and Finishes

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There are many things we love about this 5-bed, 3.5 bath house in St. Francis Wood. For one, we love the lush backyard, and the location can't be beat -- you're a skip away from West Portal Ave and tons of restaurants, bars, a library, Muni lines, you name it. We also love quite a bit of the inside - the bedrooms look spacious, the living room have nifty details like the molding and the painted ceiling, and the bright and sunny lofted space on the tippity top. But let's take a peek at the kitchen and bathrooms. We think the road to hell is paved in too many different kinds of tile and stone and cabinets. The kitchen alone gives us ADD by bouncing our eyes from big slabs of stone on the floor to the granite countertops to the little stone tiles backsplash, and golly, there is something else entirely behind the range. There's just an awful lot going on here. HOA fees are $1,850 a year, which should cover some kindly neighbors willing to roll up their sleeves for some friendly home repair. Unfortunately, changing these questionable design choices requires more than a bucket of paint. Please don't invite us over for the mass tile removal party, should you choose to buy at the low low price of $2,350,000.
· 50 Santa Monica Way [Redfin]

50 Santa Monica Way, San Francisco California