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Today's the Day! Cast Your Vote for the First-Ever Eater Awards

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Behold! Now you can push more of your opinions on us. Well, our sister site that is. Eater SF is finishing up the voting portion for their first-ever Eater Awards. From Eater SF:

Winners will be selected on both the local and national levels in four major categories. Your brave local editors will be making initial local nominations. Readers will then be asked to vote to narrow the field to a final three, with a final winner in each category chosen by the Eater editorial team. We'll also be selecting an overall national winner for each category, for which no glory will be too great. Without further ado, the categories are: · Restaurant of the Year, to the restaurant, old or new, which had the single greatest impact on the city's dining scene in 2010?
· So Hot Right Now, given to a restaurant that opened in 2010 that best captured the city's dining buzz?
· Chef of the Year, to the city's chef of the year, as you define it?
· GREY GOOSE Shaker of the Year, awarded to the city's top cocktail creator.

There's one more category, but you're going to have to click over to find out what it is. Voting ends at 5pm today.
· Eater Awards 2010 [Eater SF]