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A Real Puller-Downer

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Not usually being one to suggest razing a property to the ground, this 2-bed, 1-bath home in Ingleside Heights has us with an itchy detonator finger. If the slanted picture has you tilting your head curiously, wait until you get a load of this: that front yard there? Doesn't come with the house. Apparently you're locked in to purchasing the adjacent lot unless you want to sit in the shadow of someone else's new development. So add to the house's $399,000 price tag another $199,000 for the adjacent lot and you'll get land, bedrooms without closets and some very questionable "marble counter tops" in the kitchen. Of course, it is close the freeway. What do you think dear readers? Should they be ashamed of themselves for this price tag? How much would you pay for all this, provided they throw in those fetching ruffly kitchen curtains?
· 118 Arch St [Redfin]
· 122 Arch St [Redfin]

118 Arch Street, San Francisco, CA