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Local Legorreta+Legorreta projects to love, from left to right: Chiron Life & Science Laboratories, UCSF Mission Bay Center, Schwab Residential Center, Cabernet House, Petaluma House, Schwab Residential Center. Click on the image to enlarge.

Monday, announces it's acquired fourteen empty, waterfront-adjacent acres in Mission Bay for a new campus. Today we get the word from J.K. Dineen at the SF Business Times that chairman Marc Benioff has been working with Victor Legoretta- partner in the Mexican firm Legorreta+Legorreta and the son of Ricardo Legoretta- to begin the planning. The firm's other building in the neighborhood is the UCSF Mission Bay Center, which architecture fans have sniffed at as "not his best work" although we like it a lot, especially the pink wall. People, remember that architects don't build the things, they just design them. To his credit, Legoretta has disowned his two San Jose projects, the Tech Museum of Innovation and the Wozniak-funded Children's Discovery Museum, when value-engineering turned them into something he didn't quite have in mind.

And then there's his Mexican Museum, still planned somehow to slot in next to the Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art on Mission Street, but we're not holding our breath on that one. Above we bring you four projects in the Bay Area by the Mexican master that are huge successes: the Chiron Labs in Emeryville (that really fantastic thing behind the Ikea) two private houses, and the Schwab Residential Center at the Stanford Business School, possibly the grandest B-school dorm on the planet. [Correction & Amplification: Enrique Norten, the other famous Mexican architect, is now planning the Mexican Museum. Same location, for Millennium Partners]
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