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Ocean Beach Safeway Gets Its Own Blog

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Local Safeways have been classing up their act to keep up with the boutique grocers for a while now, but efforts to do the same at the Beachway at Fulton and La Playa have been stalled by neighborhood concerns about the proposed raised-podium store and condo development which we detailed way back in January. This week, RichmondSF brings us a brief update on the store's progress (or lack thereof) along with news of a pleasant exercise in community engagement from the store which is probably better known for its weekly fliers than its local produce.

Since the neighbors nixed the previous plan back in the spring, the Safeway Real Estate Management team has set up a new site in an effort to keep neighbors abreast of the project's developments as the project moves forward. The latest development (which is actually only listed on the Richmond's Planning Association site) mentions that developers are eager to show off their architect's new solution that incorporates a 3D model and a "'neighbor's eye' point of view." It sounds a little patronizing, but still - awful nice of them to think of the neighbors.

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