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Newly Built and $901,000 Off

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Was: $3,200,000
Then: $2,399,000
Now: $2,299,000
You Save: $901,000

In early May of this year a 4-bed, 3.5-bath, 3,400 square foot newly constructed house at 1750A Filbert Street hit the market with a price tag of the completely reasonable and obtainable $3,200,000. Over summer it received some chops, but alas, no bites. In August it was delisted. Then in September it popped back on our radar with a brand spankin' new asking price of $2,399,000, which is $801,000 less than its original asking price. Shoot forward to present day and it's taken another chop, and is now asking $2,299,000. What will it take for this Cow Hollow home to sell? It's chopped nearly a million off over the course of five months. Highlights include a gourmet kitchen, gas fireplaces, oak hardwood flooring and a roofdeck.
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1750 Filbert Street, San Francisco, CA