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The Mission: Finally Doing Right by Cesar Chavez

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Looks like the long-awaited plan to redo Cesar Chavez Street is inching closer to actual implementation. According to Streetsblog, the proposal sailed through its latest hearing like a cyclist who doesn't believe in stop signs. It's only been going on since 2006 when Mission neighbors, parents and community activists decided enough was enough; later their suggestions were included in the Mission Streetscape Plan. What would have been a slow process anyway was further stymied by the Bike Plan lawsuits.

The newly-landscaped Cesar Chavez Street will run from Hampshire Street, just west of that insane juncture of Bayview Avenue, Potrero Avenue and Route 101 (where Bullitt made his famous illegal u-turn) and extend to Guerrero Street with two less lanes of traffic, the ever present bulb-outs, and a fourteen-foot-wide planted median. Thirty parking spaces- up in smoke! This stretch of Cesar Chavez has been ugly so long, and its use is primarily arterial- meaning the people driving it are going somewhere else. It's not exactly a friendly streetscape, either- no interesting retail. Grim, narrow sidewalks, and for some people, scary day laborers. No word on whether the day laborers will be displaced at the eastern end, or what impact a new St. Lukes Hospital will have the the western end at Guerrero, where Cesar Chavez will present a smartly landscaped new entrance to Noe Valley.
· Cesar Chavez Street Redesign Plan Headed to SFMTA Board For Approval [Streetsblog]