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Corona Heights Park-Flanked Beauty

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Maybe we're coming off a food coma from this weekend, but we're pretty sure we didn't dream up this 3-bed, 2-bath house in Corona Heights. Situated in one of our favorite neighborhoods (dog parks and glorious views, anyone?), this beauty could be a $1,785,000 dream come true. We're moving in right away to the top floor master bedroom, and shortly thereafter we'll host a friendly neighborhood wine tasting in the amazing terraced backyard. At $873 per square foot, the space is priced somewhere in the middle of its Castro and Buena Vista Park neighbors, meaning it's probably not a steal, but it's not massively overpriced either. So go ahead, readers, rain on our parade. What is it you don't like about this property? The galley kitchen? The miniature second bedroom? By all means, burst our bubble.
· 330 Roosevelt Way [Redfin]

330 Roosevelt Way, San Francisco, California