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Really, We'd Be Totally Lost Without Eric Fischer

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All Images: Eric Fischer via Flickr Yes, we've often wondered who data-demigod Eric Fischer is. And now, thanks to Mission Local, we have an idea who the guy is is real life. Would someone please give Eric a MacArthur Fellowship so he doesn't have to work and can just turn the world's data into maps, like "A Month of MUNI" above? He not only transforms data, he collects the ephemera associated with it, and his Flickr collection is a huge resource of vintage urban images, plans, and dreams. Also follies, like the various 1948 proposals to transform San Francisco with freeways. And there's the Geotaggers World Atlas, where he takes Flickr and Picasa data and puts it into maps of? where people take pictures. And then later breaks it down into locals vs. tourists. Check out examples of his passion in the gallery above; all lead to the associated Flickr gallery. Hours of brilliant fun. Thanks, Eric!
· The World According to Fischer [Mission Local]