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Frat Houses Need Love Too

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This Inner Sunset 3-bed, 2-bath home either requires massive cleaning and redecorating, or it's prefect for you and all of your "brahs." Forgive us if the bonus room turned bachelor lair just makes us want to funnel beer from a keg and play some sack, but those were great memories and we won't let them go. All kidding aside (for now), this place probably does have some great bones, as the agent mentions. It's got views of Mount Tam, a big backyard, and it's one block to the N-Judah if you're into that. We only wish someone had gone all house mother on these tenants and asked them to pick their crap up before the walk through, but we're sure they're, you know, protesting The Man (the one who wants to sell their house).
· 1471 18th Ave. [Redfin]

1471 18th Avenue, San Francisco, California